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Comic Reviews: Amazing Spider-man Vol. 2 Issue 539

Cover scan uploaded on Apr 10, 2007 by WallCrawler

Submitted by: WallCrawler on May 15, 2007

Here we are: Back in Black. Is it a cheap marketing ploy to tie into Spider-man 3, wherein Spidey is wearing a movie rendition of the black costume? Or is it a natural progression of the events unfolding around Peter Parker as the consequences of the superhero civil war affect everything in his life? The answer, for me, will undoubtedly lie in whether or not this issue makes me believe.

Ron Garney continues his great work on the title, on par with John Romita Jr.'s excellent run previous. After J.R. Jr., I wasn't sure if I would be happy with the art, but Garney has proven himself of handling the flagship Spidey title. There are some small issues I have with the decisions taken in this issue, like Peter clinging to walls with his shoes on (He should be in his socks or barefoot...) The writing is intense, showing Peter's torment over his mortally wounded Aunt May.  Throughout the issue Peter makes his underworld housecalls without any costume at all, exhibiting his state of mind—his rage, his guilt. It's not until the last few pages that he puts on a costume, but it's not his red and blue one: It's the infamous black costume, making it's first appearance since Spider-man Vol. 1 #13. Here, again, the writing is not too accurate, as Peter swings to the top of a building to reclaim the costume. It's been webbed under a ledge for who knows how long. (possibly since that issue of Spider-man?) Are we to believe that this is some kind of special webbing that doesn't dissolve in an hour? It's a bit contrived, as is the reasoning behind the costume change.

Basically, I would buy the costume change more if it was a tactical decision. "I'm on the run from pro-reg heroes, the villains they employ, and the cops. Red and blue is a bit gaudy and conspicuous. HEY! I got it! If I wear the black costume again, I'll be able to blend in to the shadows a bit more."

In the end, I guess that it comes off as a cheap marketing ploy to tie into Spider-man 3. However, I'm interested in seeing where they go with this. In the meantime, when drawn correctly Spidey looks pretty freakin' cool in the black costume.

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