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Movie News: First meeting since 3 for Spider-man franchise principals

Submitted by: WallCrawler on Jul 10, 2007

Source: www.HollywoodReporter.com

Laura Ziskin talks about the first meeting of the minds behind the Spider-man franchise since the opening of Spider-man 3 and the future of the franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter talked with Laura Zisken, producer of the first three Spider-man movies, about the future of the franchise. Revealing that the planning team will sit down for the first time together since the opening of the third installment, she is tight-lipped about who might return. Excerpts from the article follow:

At some point within the next two weeks, producer Laura Ziskin and the top brass of Sony Pictures Entertainment will sit down together for the first time since "Spider-Man 3" opened May 4 to discuss the franchise's future.

It's a crucial meeting, all the more so because director Sam Raimi will be there. And Raimi, who has sent contradictory messages about his future plans, might at last indicate whether he'll helm the next installment.

"It would be great to have everybody back," Ziskin says. "But no one is going to sign on the dotted line until we have a script. These are the questions being discussed now. The one thing we have answered definitively is: There will be more 'Spider-Man' movies. We just haven't answered what shape they will come in and (Sony) hasn't given us a release date."

The upcoming meeting "will be the first step in a process," Ziskin adds. "'Spider-Man' will continue; I can't tell you every person who will be involved."

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