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Video Game News: Spider-man: Friend or Foe from Activision

Submitted by: WallCrawler on May 11, 2007

Source: www.spiderman-friend-or-foe.com

Activision opens teaser site for new Spidey game projected to be released fall of 2007

With only a week behind both the Spider-man 3 movie AND game, Activision, the makers of the hugely popular Spider-man 2: The Game as well as the less-kindly received Spider-man 3 have unveiled yet another Spider-man game that promises "A new twist on the legend. A new take on the movies..."

Not much more information than that at this point, but they have a form where you can sign up for the new "Friend or Foe" newsletter to get updates on the progress toward the fall 2007 release of the game, as well as a small teaser trailer upon your initial visit to the site.

Based on the teaser trailer, there might be some surprises coming our way from this game, based on the cartoony appearance of the Green Goblin. Time will tell what Activision holds in store for us.

Check out www.Spiderman-Friend-or-Foe.com for the goods.

What do you think? Is it too soon after the apparent disappointment that was Spider-man 3: The Game? Are you turned off by the... different... take on the Green Goblin? Sound off in the Forum!

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