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Comic News: Tom DeFalco confirms cancellation of Amazing Spider-girl

Submitted by: WallCrawler on Oct 13, 2008

Source: www.ComicBoards.com

Series Concludes at issue 30, may become a backup feature in Amazing Spider-man Family

Series writer Tom DeFalco revealed yesterday in a message board post that Spider-girl will succumb to the chopping block come March 2009 with Amazing Spider-girl #30. According to DeFalco:

All good things must come to an end and that includes AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL.

I was informed earlier this week that our last issue will be AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #30.

On the good news front, there is talk that Spider-Girl will become a regular 16-paged feature in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FAMILY. (I've been told conflicting things about MR & MRS so I don't know if that feature will continue.)

To those who predicted that SPIDER-GIRL would never last, you were right. (You were off by a little over 11 years, but you were right.)

I'll give you guys more news as I hear it.

Tom D.

We'll see if another letter-writing campaign is in the works, or if this is truly the final fate of the sensational web-stunner. Stay tuned and join in on the discussion of this much-maligned character in the forum.

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