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Comic News: More on Anti-Venom and "New Ways to Die"

Submitted by: WallCrawler on May 01, 2008

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Through interviews at CBR, Newsarama and Marvel itself, Steve Wacker outlines some of the summer happenings for Spidey

Through the various interviews yesterday's release of teaser images prompted with Steve Wacker, the threads hinted at begin to weave together. While declaring the return of Venom (Mac Gargan) and Norman Osborn, as well as former Venom Eddie Brock, as well as the return of fan-favorite artist John Romita, Jr., Wacker was slightly less forthcoming but none-the-less revealing of the subtleties of the upcoming story arc "News Ways to Die".

In addition to Venom and Osborn, Expect the Thunderbolts to follow Norman and Mac on their hunt for Spidey, as he told Newsarama:

Newsarama: Steve, for the first few months of the thrice monthly Spider-Man, we've had some reintroductions, but precious few familiar faces in regards to Spidey's classic enemies. We spoke a little about that a long time ago, but now that we're into it, was there a concerted effort to keep some specific players off the table for a while?

Steve Wacker: It was really just the classic villains we were staying away from for the first few arcs. .We knew that at least at the start of this we'd have a spotlight given all the controversy surrounding the story. Since Marvel and the creative team both wanted some new blood in this book, we wanted to use that spotlight to focus on some new bad guys to widen Pete's enemies list a bit. Now that we're a few months in, we'll be bringing in some of the classic villains but they'll be mixing it up with the classic crew too.

NRAMA: And this changes in August. Can you sketch it out in broad strokes - who all is coming back?

SW: Venom and Norman Osborn are central to “New Ways to Die”, but they aren't alone. For one thing, where Norman goes The Thunderbolts go.

NRAMA: Is there a reason for the return, all at once like this? As you’ve mentioned - you've got two members of the T-bolts there...sounds like a hunting expedition for an unregistered hero...

SW: The reason is a big story. I don't think it's "all at once". I mean, it's two bad guys on the same team (Thunderbolts) with strong connections to Spider-Man. There's every reason in the world to come after him.

While Marvel was able to get Wacker to expand upon the way Eddie falls into this tale:

Marvel.com: Where has Eddie Brock, the original Venom, been and where is his head at as he re-enters the world of Spider-Man?

Steve Wacker: Eddie was last seen in an arc in SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN last year bed-ridden with cancer. He's still sick when we see him in ["New Ways to Die"].

Marvel.com: Who—or what—is Anti-Venom and what does it mean for Spidey as well as the current Venom?

Steve Wacker: I don't want to give away anything, but to put it in '80s movie speak: If poisonous venom makes you sick...an anti-venom is the cure.

Meanwhile, CBR got a bit more in-depth info on the themes surrounding Eddie, as well as whether or not we may even see Norman don the green tights:

When Eddie Brock was Venom, his primary motivations were to kill Spider-Man and others whom he felt harmed innocents, but Mac Gargan, the current Venom seems to have little qualms about injuring innocents. This has lead many to wonder if Anti-Venom, the new villain who makes his debut in “New Ways to Die,” is indeed Eddie Brock. “Last we saw Eddie he was bedridden and had cancer. Someone who's sick wants to be better,” Wacker stated. “Eddie's story and Anti-Venom's story aren't necessarily connected, but there is an undercurrent of redemption going through the story.”
Norman Osborn’s return to the pages of “Amazing Spider-Man” doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll don his old Green Goblin costume. “Who says there's even a Green Goblin in the story?” Wacker remarked. “Menace is here, but he's got a whole different agenda.”

Read all three interviews over at Newsarama, ComicBookResources and Marvel respectively and join in on the discussion in our Forum!

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