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Comic News: EW.com's sneak peek at upcoming summer fun for Spidey!

Submitted by: WallCrawler on Apr 30, 2008

Source: www.EW.com

Mary Jane, Venom and Anti-Venom on the horizon as Romita Jr. takes over art chores for another run on Amazing this summer!

www.EW.com reports new goings on with Spider-man's topsy-turvy world come this summer:

There comes a time when even a storied supervillain needs a do-over, and that moment has arrived for Spider-Man arch-nemesis Venom. Well, sorta. The extraterrestrial symbiote — which most famously glommed onto embittered Spider-friend Eddie Brock — is classically depicted as a onyx-colored, cuspated shape-shifter. But Marvel decided the dude needed to lighten up, so they created an additional symbiote as a visual foil to their old standby: Here's your first glimpse at the new, angelically hued...Anti-Venom.

What the heck's an Anti-Venom? We'll find out when The Amazing Spider-Man No. 568 — the first of a pivotal six-issue arc called ''New Ways to Die,'' written by Dan Slott (Avengers: The Initiative) and illustrated by John Romita Jr. (Daredevil: The Man Without Fear) — hits stores in August.

There are still more changes afoot in the Spidey-verse. Take a gander at EW.com's other exclusive first look — a collage teasing revealing ''scenes'' (also drawn by the esteemed Romita Jr.) from additional Amazing Spider-Man issues, these hitting stores starting in June. Frenemy Eddie Brock, possibly still cancer-ridden, is back, as is Norman Osborn, better known as mad-genius nemesis the Green Goblin. Meanwhile, on the home front, Mary Jane Watson is in the house, so to speak. You may recall that she split from her Spidey sweetheart in a confused Faustian bid with Mephisto — the couple's memory erased! — to save sweet Aunt May's life in last year's ''One More Day'' storyline. A tangled web? We'll say! — Nisha Gopalan

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