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Video Game News: Spider-man: Web of Shadows coming from Activision

Submitted by: WallCrawler on Apr 19, 2008

Source: www.yahoo.com

Fresh off his stint as a successful movie star, Spider-Man returns to his roots in an all-new adventure written specifically for the gaming set. Featuring a wealth of heroes and villains culled from the wall-crawler's storied past, Web of Shadows gives players more choice than ever before as they try to stop a never-before-seen foe from trashing Manhattan.

Spider-man Web of ShadowsActivision, in conjunction with Yahoo!, unveiled the next installment in the Spider-man videogame franchise: Spider-man: Web of Shadows. Yahoo was privy to an exclusive trailer that features a devastated cityscape and the taglines "You can't know... what control really means... until you lose it."

The game, confirmed for PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, PS2, PSP Nintendo DS and PC, will boast a slew of heroes and villains pulled directly from the Spider-man comics (not the movie franchise) and seems to involve an alien invasion of New York City by something akin to the Venom symbiote. From the Yahoo Videogames page:

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows isn't based on the film franchise, it's based on the web-slinging comic book legend himself, giving the developers at Shaba and Treyarch a great deal of leeway in crafting an entirely new plot. In a nutshell, New York has been invaded by something very bad, resulting in a cataclysmic event that has rocked city leaders to the point of declaring martial law. Other heroes are gathering uptown to protect civilians, while villains are grouping downtown to repel the aggressors. And Spidey? He has to sort it all out, of course.

With mentions of names like The Kinpin, Luke Cage, and S.H.E.I.L.D., this is going to be one Marvel Universe-spanning experience. Not only that, but it seems the actions you take as Spider-man directly affect the environment you play in and the outcome of the game itself:

Too many superhero games turn you into you a flawless force of goodness with an unassailable public image. In a move that's sure to please J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows reintroduces the concept of a fickle public. Treat citizens well and they'll reward you with loyalty; treat them like they're in your way and you might find the masses a bit less manageable. No one get s a free pass in Manhattan.
Spider-man Web of Shadows
Past Spider-Man games have let players roam freely about New York. Web of Shadows is no different, featuring an upgraded version of the outstanding game engine that powered earlier releases. This time, however, how you play can actually affect the outcome, including which crime fighters (or criminals) will aid Spidey in the final stand. Such decision-making starts early, as amateur marketing directors can even log on to the official site and cast votes for which features they want the developers to reveal.

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