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Toy News: First look at Spidey animated series figures

Submitted by: WallCrawler on Jan 14, 2008


First pics of the new series of figures based on the "Spectacular Spider-man" animated series have surfaced, including Spidey (natch), Venom, the black costume, and Doc Ock!

The first images have surfaced detailing the initial release of figures based on the upcoming "Spectacular Spider-man" animated series. The image depicts some of the characters and themes we can expect, including Spidey in his red and blue costume as well as the black costume, Venom, Doctor Octopus, and a version of Spidey with interchangeable Spidey and Peter Parker heads.

The styling is based on the animation style created by Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, and look to be in the 5-inch scale.

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