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Comic News: "One More Day" takes one more month

Submitted by: WallCrawler on Oct 29, 2007

Source: www.Marvel.com

Delays for "One More Day" mean "Brand New Day" won't start until after the new year.

As a consequence of the recently announced delays of two One More Day titles, the three-times per month shipping Amazing Spider-Man "Brand New Day" event will start in January of 2008 rather than in December as originally planned.   Amazing Spider-Man #546, #547, and #548 will all be arriving after New Years.

The One More Day titles that have been rescheduled are Sensational Spider-Man #41, which was originally scheduled to ship on October 31st, and has now been shifted to November 28th, and Amazing Spider-Man #545, which was due out on November 28th, and is now slated for release on December 27th.

Check out the new release dates for the upcoming third and final installments of "One More Day".

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