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Movie News: Sam Raimi talks Spider-man 4

Submitted by: WallCrawler on Oct 17, 2007

Source: www.SuperHeroHype.com

Raimi, Sony meet with various writers to discuss Spidey's future.

According to SuperHeroHype, Sam Raimi, producer of the upcoming comic-turned-film "30 Days of Night" and helmsman on "The Shadow" is also in meetings with Sony reps and various writers to discuss the future of the wall-crawler! Here's the full quote:

"Right now, Sony is meeting with different writers to try and bring a fresh new story and approach to the 'Spider-Man' franchise," Raimi told us, "so I've been in meetings with Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, the producers, and Amy Pascal. Different writers have been coming in and spinning different tales of where 'Spider-Man' can go from here."

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