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Video Game News: Exclusive new Spider-man: Friend or Foe trailer and interview

Submitted by: WallCrawler on Sep 28, 2007

Source: www.SuperHeroHype.com

SuperHeroHype has an interview with Jamie Bafus, producer of the new Spidey game plus screenshots and a new cinematic trailer!!!

spider-man friend or foeHere's an interesting section of the interview that ties in with the new information garnered from the trailer:

SHH!: So why is Spidey fighting alongside villains?

Bafus: In this adventure, Spider-Man is being recruited to take on a worldwide threat greater than all of the villains he's met so far, so he's going to need some help. The villains all have their own selfish motivations for joining him as well. Pure revenge and the desire to stay out of jail are pretty big motivators for Super Villains, so it was pretty easy to find ways to get them to join the fight. Having said that, I should mention they are not all very happy about joining Spidey and that comes across in the character dialogue.

Check out www.SuperHeroHype.com and discuss this new info in the Forum!

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