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Submitted: Apr 11, 2007

As a comic fan for almost twenty years(!) I have always held Spider-man as my favorite long-underwearing do-gooding hero. This devotion is apparent in the construction of this online shrine in honor of the webhead.

Originally collecting some odds and ends during the McFarlane and Larsen runs on Amazing Spider-man during the 90's, as well as some "Spectacular" and "Web of" thrown in for good measure, I was finally able to talk my parents into subscribing to "Amazing" around the time that Mark Bagley took over the title. It was a good time to have a subscription, what with bi-monthly summers and the 35th anniversary issues.

Eventually the subscription was not renewed, but by that time I had found a suitable comic book store to purchase from. The Spider-man flowed like wine. However, the good times were fast drawing to a close - it was revealed that Peter Parker was not the real Spider-man, but a clone. The REAL Spider-man had come back from exile, and fans everywhere quickly dropped the book.

Surviving the dark times by subsisting only on Sensational Spider-man (the Wieringo years [year?]), eventually the sun shone bright again: Not only was there a blockbuster movie on the horizon, but superstars J. Michael Sraczynski and John Romita Jr. took up the slack on Amazing Spider-man and made it live up to it's name once more.

Now well on my way to filling in the major gaps in my collection (mainly due to the clone saga, which I regret not collecting now - I have a fondness in my heart for poor Ben Reilly that you will likely hear about in the forum - usually beginning with "it was a good idea that was poorly executed...") I was inspired to create this website when it was apparent how difficult it truly was to keep track of that many comics. Once complete, this site will be a repository for users' comic collection information available anywhere from any computer with access to the internet.