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Amazing Spider-man Vol. 2 Issue 547

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Cover scan uploaded on Jan 29, 2008 by WallCrawler


Submitted by: WallCrawler on Feb 12, 2008

J. Jonah Jameson has suffered a heart attack, and we open this issue with Peter Parker attempting to resuscitate him, in a scene that parallels the kiss from the first page of the last issue. As paramedics arrive on the scene and take over, Robbie Robertson takes the lead,  handing out assignments. Peter asks if there's anything he can do and Robbie, point blank, asks him for a miracle: A photo of Spider-man back in action. As Peter dons the costume, apparently for the first time in 101 days, he decides to make the Spider-mugger his first target.

At "The Coffee Bean" in Astor Place, Harry Osborne, his girlfriend Lilly Hollister and her roommate Carlie discuss the harrowing experience Carlie shared with Peter and the Spider-mugger the previous night. Harry asks Trina, the girl behind the counter, to close up early so they can have some privacy, as he owns the place. Carlie mentions she should cancel her credit cards and asks for Peter's phone number to tell him to do the same. Harry retorts with a jibe about trusting Peter with a credit card, while across town at "The Blind Spot" we join the Spider-mugger hawking his loot from the previous night, including Peter's wallet and left web-shooter.

While the fence is giving him a hard time, a mafioso, Bruno, at the bar is complaining about not being in on a big meeting, that it was his parents' marriage that "brought the two sides together." The fence meanwhile throws a "watch" back to the Spider-mugger (who we learn is called "Boyle" - whether that's his last name or first name, we don't yet know) saying he'd get more for a medicalert bracelet. Boyle quickly finds out it is in fact a genuine web-shooter, and mistakenly tags the mafioso with a spider-tracer, and quickly cuts his fruitless meeting short.

As both Boyle and Bruno leave the bar, Spider-man picks up the buzz from his spider-tracer. However, the signal splits, as Boyle, whom Pete tagged last issue, leaves out the back and Bruno leaves through the front door. As he swings by, Spider-man witnesses Bruno's kidnapping, and decides that's the signal to follow. During the chase the van hits a crane lifting a billboard that, if not for the unappreciated heroics of Spider-man, would have crushed a slew of bystanders. Ironically, the billboard features a huge picture of J. Jonah Jameson himself, with the phrase "The Daily Bugle thanks J. Jonah Jameson for Getting Rid of Spider-man."

Meanwhile, at Mt. Sinai Hospital Marla Jameson, Jonah's wife, is waiting with Betty to hear word of her husband's condition. As she looks upon his unconscious body on life-support, she makes the decision to sell the Bugle to Dexter Bennett in order to take the stress out of Jonah's life.

in Chinatown, we see Bruno strapped to a contraption, being over-looked by Mr. Negative and his henchmen. We find out his blood is being extracted in rather large quantities. While in mid-monologue, Mr. Negative finds the spider-tracer and tells his henchmen to prepare themselves for "company." As if on cue, as the class of a window shatters around him, Spider-man joins the scene and immediately goes into battle with Mr. Negative's henchmen: the "Inner Demons."  We learn that Spidey foiled Negative's first attempt to acquire the tablet when he stopped "Overdrive" (in the ASM FCBD issue, "Swing Shift") and has become a thorn in Negative's side, and that it is a "Lemurian Tablet", specifically the one of "death and entropy" which can create a poison called "the devil's breath." Before Negative can finish his statement, however, Spidey tags it with a webline and smashes it to bits. Mr. Negative, however, has already taken the precaution to transcribe the information from the face of the tablet. While Negative believes Spider-man to be hot on his trail, he quickly realizes that it has been sheer dumb luck that has brought Spider-man to twice interfere with his plans. Negative sets his blood pump to drain Bruno dry and takes his leave. His henchmen, however, stay behind to continue to make Spidey's life miserable.

Elsewhere, the Spider-mugger is up to his old tricks, except with the benefit of a real webshooter. One of his victims believes him to be the actual Spider-man, which makes Boyle realize that he must have accosted the actual guy, and that he had his wallet. If he could get it back from his fence at the bar, he would know exactly who he is!

Back at Negative's hideout, Spidey has dispatched his attackers and released Bruno from the blood pump contraption. Spidey quickly realizes this isn't the mugger, but pieces together Negative's plan: to make a hit on both sides of Bruno's family at the big meeting. Spidey quickly reaches the meeting, only to be greeted with a hail of gunfire before Negative releases his "Devil's Breath" poison gas into the ventilation system. As all the attendees of the meeting begin to choke and  seemingly mummify, Spidey realizes he should have remembered to set up his camera, this being a page-one shot for sure, and collapses thinking to himself "Robbie's gonna kill me... I mean, if I wasn't already dead..."