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Active Central Titles

Amazing Spider-man Vol. 2

Web of Spider-man Vol. 2

Ended Central Titles

Amazing Fantasy

Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man

Marvel Knights Spider-man

Peter Parker: Spider-man

Sensational Spider-man Vol. 1

Sensational Spider-man Vol. 2

Spectacular Spider-man Vol. 1

Spectacular Spider-man Vol. 2


Spider-man Unlimited Vol. 1

Spider-man Unlimited Vol. 3

Web of Spider-man Vol. 1

Active Peripheral Titles

Amazing Spider-man Family

Amazing Spider-man Presents: American Son

Amazing Spider-man Presents: Jackpot

New Avengers

Peter Parker

Spider-man Family

Spider-man Magazine


Ultimate Comics Spider-man

Ended Peripheral Titles

Giant-Size Spider-man

Marvel Team-up Vol. 1

Marvel Team-up Vol. 2

Marvel Team-up Vol. 3

Spider-man Team-up

Spider-man\'s Tangled Web

Untold Tales of Spider-man

Webspinners: Tales of Spider-man

Active Alternate Titles

Amazing Spider-girl

Marvel Adventures Spider-man

Spectacular Spider-girl


Spider-man Loves Mary Jane Vol. 2

Ultimate Spider-man

What If? Spider-man: House of M

Ended Alternate Titles


Spider-man 2099

Spider-man India

Spider-man Loves Mary Jane Vol. 1

Spider-man Unlimited Vol. 2

Spider-man: Year One

Active Mini Series Titles

Amazing Spider-man Presents: Anti-Venom - New Ways to Live

Astonishing Spider-man/Wolverine

Dark Reign: Mister Negative

Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-man

Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-man

Siege: Spider-man

Spider-man & The Secret Wars

Spider-man 1602

Spider-man Fairy Tales

Spider-man Noir

Spider-man Noir: Eyes Without a Face

Spider-man/Red Sonja

Spider-man: Fear Itself

Spider-man: Fever

Spider-man: The Clone Saga

Spider-man: With Great Power...

Ultimatum: Spider-man Requiem

Venom: Dark Origin

X-men and Spider-man

Ended Mini Series Titles

Amazing Scarlet Spider

Deadly Foes of Spider-man

Lethal Foes of Spider-man

Marvel Knights Daredevil/Spider-man

Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider Unlimited

Spectacular Scarlet Spider

Spider-man and the Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do

Spider-man and the Fantastic Four

Spider-man and X-Factor: Shadow Games

Spider-man/Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure

Spider-man/Doctor Octopus: Out of Reach

Spider-man/Doctor Octopus: Year One

Spider-man/Human Torch


Spider-man: Blue

Spider-man: Breakout

Spider-man: Death & Destiny

Spider-man: Friends and Enemies

Spider-man: Funeral For an Octopus

Spider-man: Hobgoblin Lives

Spider-man: House of M

Spider-man: Lifeline

Spider-man: Maximum Clonage

Spider-man: Quality of Life

Spider-man: Redemption

Spider-man: Reign

Spider-man: Revenge of the Green Goblin

Spider-man: The Arachnis Project

Spider-man: The Final Adventure

Spider-man: The Lost Years

Spider-man: The Mutant Agenda

Spider-man: The Mysterio Manifesto

Spider-man: The Power of Terror

Spider-man: Web of Doom

Spider-man\'s Get Kraven

Web of Scarlet Spider

One-shot Titles

Amazing Spider-man: Soul of the Hunter

Dark Reign - The List: Amazing Spider-man

Free Comic Book Day

I Heart Marvel: Web of Romance

King-Sized Spider-man Summer Special

Mavel Apes: Amazing Spider-Monkey

Mythos: Spider-man

Spider-man & Human Torch in... Bahia de los Muertos

Spider-man 2: The Official Movie Adaptation

Spider-man Family: Amazing Friends

Spider-man Family: The Black Costume

Spider-man Team-up Special

Spider-man vs. The Punisher

Spider-man vs. Wolverine

Spider-man y la Antorcha Humana en... Bahia de los Muertos!

Spider-man, Punisher, Sabretooth

Spider-man/Araña: The Hunter Revealed


Spider-man/Dr. Strange: The Way to Dusty Death

Spider-man/Kingpin: To The Death


Spider-man: 101 Ways To End The Clone Saga

Spider-man: Black & Blue & Read All Over

Spider-man: Brand New Day - Extra!!

Spider-man: Dead Man\'s Hand

Spider-man: Legacy of Evil

Spider-man: Made Men

Spider-man: One More Day Sketchbook

Spider-man: Sweet Charity

Spider-man: The Jackal Files

Spider-man: The Official Movie Adaptation

Spider-man: The Osborne Journal

Spider-man: The Parker Years

Spider-man: The Short Halloween

Spider-man: The Venom Agenda

The Many Loves of the Amazing Spider-man

The Megalomaniacal Spider-man

Timestorm 2009/2099: Spider-man

Untold Tales of Spider-man: Strange Encounters

What if? Spider-man Back in Black

What If? Spider-man vs. Wolverine

Guest Appearance Titles

Avengers: The Initiative

New Warriors

NFL SuperPro

Spirits of Vengeance


Ended Spin-off Titles

Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat


Venom: Lethal Protector

Venom: Separation Anxiety

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